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July Victory Voyage Forex Demo Clash

Navigating Towards Trading Triumph

1st Place $ 2,000.00
2nd Place $ 1,500.00
3rd Place $ 1,000.00
4th Place $ 500.00

July 1 - July 31

July Victory Voyage Forex Demo Clash


1 flag:ae Ahmed Mowafak 554.89% $ 65489
2 flag:iq Ali Badri 435.68% $ 53568
3 flag:my Noorlela Ramli 231.71% $ 33171
4 flag:ma Hassane Aboud 194.58% $ 29458
5 flag:in Saurabh Das 115.83% $21583
6 flag:bd Selim Shikder 104.90% $ 20490
7 flag:id Hilman Harnoko 93.50% $ 19350
8 flag:bd Mohammed Musa 79.80% $ 17980
9 flag:es Carlos Vega 72.50% $ 17250
10 flag:my Ramzi Zamri 66.20% $ 16620
  Updated the 22/07/2024 @13:00


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